Would you be able to recuperate lost data from a physically damaged hard drive?

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Has your hard drive at any point tumbled from your work area? Or then again have you at any point incidentally dropped it? Situations like these could make a hard drive experience physical media damage and subsequently, lose data.

Yet, in all honesty, your data may in any case be recoverable if your hard drive is experiencing physical damage.

In this blog, we’ll investigate a portion of the specialized terms utilized in regards to physical damage in hard drives, just as the various phases of data misfortune a whether the data is still (ideally) recoverable.

What is Physical Media Damage?

Physical media damage happens when the attractive covering on a hard drive platter encounters an interruption. It doesn’t just happen in hard drives; it can really happen in any capacity gadget that has mechanical moving parts.

What causes Physical Media Damage?

PMD most regularly happens when the read/compose heads come in to contact with the turning platters on a hard drive. This could be a consequence of the hard drive being dropped while in activity, or overheating and over-use.

Platters can likewise encounter damage if the inside chamber gets debased. Any substance that penetrates the hard drive case can possibly cause a ‘crash’ in the event that it settles between the heads and the platter.

How to distinguish physical damage to a hard drive?

There are notice signs that can assist you with recognizing physical damage. These may include:

The PC neglects to fire up or isn’t working accurately – drowsy when opening documents; showing data access blunders or securing the framework with mistakes

The drive makes a clicking commotion when you access it. A typical example is click-stop click-stop click, trailed by the drive halting and the sound of it turning once more

The drive stays quiet (no turn up sound, no development/vibration felt) when controlled up

Is my data recoverable after a hard drive head crash?

We get posed this inquiry a great deal! The appropriate response is “it relies upon the make of the drive, and the seriousness of the crash.” The most ideal approach to see it is to attempt to comprehend the various kinds of crashes. We provide accurate hard drive data recovery so at Virus Solution Provider, we split the seriousness of the damage into three fundamental classifications:

Crash Level 1 (C1)

More often than not, these are minor crashes that you can scarcely see with the unaided eye. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that these crashes exist in the framework region, it might keep the drive from coming prepared and being open.

Crash Level 2 (C2)

A C2 crash is quickly noticeable, and relying upon the drive, it tends to be unrecoverable. Nonetheless, it is as yet conceivable to image* drives in any event, when the damage is extensive.*The imaging measure includes crafted by experienced lab engineers who will “picture” the drive area by area, recreate the working framework record structure modifying the connects to the document data and play out an extraction of data to outer capacity.

Crash Level 3 (C3)

A C3-level is the stopping point taking everything into account. A C3-level crash implies all the platters attractive covering has been scratched off. Henceforth, there is no more data present for a recovery to happen.

What to do straightaway?

In the event that you suspect your media has endured physical damage, turn it off quickly to dodge further damage to the platters, which could bring about irreversible data  loss.

In a great deal of occasions, numerous individuals open their hard drives before they send them to us. You ought not open the drive yourself; even the smallest scratch or little mark in the platter can mess more up. Unwittingly, individuals are annihilating their odds to recuperate their data!

Our recommendation is to never open the drives (or in reality any media) prior to sending it to a specialist data recovery company. Tragically, with physical data misfortunes, there is no choice for a DIY – a sterile climate and expert assistance are important to attempt to get your data securely back to you


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